2020 has been hard for many kids and adults alike lets end it with such a exciting and memorable thing

Meet Santa Claus

With everything going on this year we are extremely excited to offer personable videos for your child from Santa himself! These videos will be professionally documented in 4K and will address your child in a joyful and personable way. We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire to better know your kid(s) and their accomplishments and trials this year.

This is for those kids who for any reason is not able to see Santa this year due to a wide variety of reasons, or just want one for keepsake to show the little one(s) before Christmas!

We know your child will have stars in him/her eyes after receiving this!


We will be filming our videos from the North Pole and will be delivered to you by December 10!

Any information as well as videos are kept private and will not be displayed anywhere online unless permitted to.

How Many Children

Ok we paid now what!

We will email you a online questionnaire to fill out to better know your child. Create your custom video and we will deliver it to you by December 10!

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