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When is the best time to schedule my newborn session?


Right Now! If you are pregnant and you know that you want a newborn photo session, please call us and schedule your session as soon as you can. Although I know better than anyone after being a father to 2 children that they come when they want, at least we can preschedule an appointment so we have an idea of when we might do it. If it so turns out that baby comes when we think then we will keep your session as is. If baby doesn’t cooperate and comes early or late, I will do my best to fit you in. Once you are on the schedule for a newborn photo session, you will be given priority for scheduling when baby arrives. If your baby is already born, please feel free to email to schedule a baby photo session. I do try to fit newborns in whenever it is possible.


When should I call to schedule the actually session date?


We ask our clients to put us on their birth call list so that they remember to give us a call as soon as you can after baby is born. An email is fine too. Some parents will even message me as they are going into labor or heading to the hospital. The birth of a child is so special and we love to be a part of this once in a life time event. This also allows us to do any schedule juggling that might be necessary to be sure that you get your newborn photo session within the first 10 days of baby’s life.


When is the best time for a newborn photo session to take place?


The best time for a newborn session is within 4 to 10 days after birth. There are some circumstances when your baby may have to be photographed later (such as a longer hospital stay), but in general we want to photography baby as soon after birth as possible. This gives us the best chance to capture those once in a life time tiny little moments and looks that babies have. They change so quickly.


Where will the baby session take place? Where is your Studio?


You have two choices when it comes to newborn photo session and one is in our in home studio in the community of Valley Ridge Calgary, Alberta or in the comfort of your own home. This means that I will come to your home for the newborn session. I will bring everything that is required for a successful newborn session. I will bring props, accessories, blankets, lights and camera however you are more than welcome to have anything out and available that you would like us to work with. Once I arrive, we will look around your home together and decide where the session will take place. Occasionally we may move some furniture to make room but we have worked in all types of spaces. Having the baby session in your home will allow you and your family to relax in the comfort of your own surroundings during the session. If you have other children, they can play while waiting for their turn to be photographed, and mom and dad can sit back and relax on the couch while we work with your baby. During the session we will take breaks for feeding and snuggling as necessary. However, the choice is completely up to you. If you so decide that you would like a more formal atmosphere then you are welcome to come to our Studio where we have all of the equipment and accessories needed to successfully photography you and your family in our home as well with a variety of options for backdrops.


How long will the session last?


Newborn sessions are very unpredictable. The session could be anywhere from one hour up to three hours just depending on baby is feeling that day. Please plan accordingly. What if my baby is upset and crying lots? Once your session is scheduled, we will send you all of the information that is needed to help to ensure a happy, sleepy baby during our session. If you follow the tips and guidelines that I suggest, chances are good that we will not have a problem, although some babies do take longer than others to settle. In the event that baby is just not happy and we cannot get him to calm within a reasonable amount of time and everyone is starting to get stressed out depending on the situation we may have to reschedule the photo session.


Do parents have to be in the pictures?


We do know that you just recently gave birth and are not feeling like your beautiful self, but yes! We can include the parents in a few photos. The Newborn session is pretty much about the baby though. I am open to including siblings as well.


What if my baby has acne?


At Tkshotz Photography we edit all of our photos and are most welcoming to any newborns that have acne.

Why should we choose you to photograph our family?


We believe that newborn photo sessions are one of the most important and memorable things that one can do. Although sometimes people don’t think of it in the moment because having a newborn is so so so busy and life changing that sometimes you just don’t think about it. However this is the reason for planning the newborn session near the end of your pregnancy so that once baby is here all of the technicality of booking the appointment is out of the way. This is a time in your child’s life that you can never get back. A once in a life time chance to capture your tiny babies features that you will be able to look back at for years and decades to come. You will have many future photo sessions with your child as they grown but the period for the sweetest, sleepy, newborn photos is only within the first two weeks of life. This is why who you choose as your photographer for this time is very important. You want someone who has experience working with newborns and who has a proven track record for producing quality images every time. Newborn photography is one of our favorites and we believe that capturing these special moments for you as important as it was when we captured them for ourselves. They are only this little... for a little while.