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...for those once in a life time moments, those of us that are graduating, getting married or having a child for example, these are the times, celebrations, mile-markers in our lives that define what it is to live a life. It is the moments we cherish, we look back on, we reminisce and that which lines our walls for years to come. What of those events? How do we cope? How do we manage? For us, we did not resign ourselves to losing the essence of the milestone, rather, when all the chips were down, bets were off and rules were broken - it actually allowed us to be completely un-conventional and to challenge ourselves to think differently about what could and would be celebratory for us in this unique time of life. I'd always told my husband I wanted our wedding to be unforgettable, I just didn't know it would be because of a pandemic! When he asked me to get married on the day we met 2 years prior, and 6 weeks before we had originally planned to get married had there been no COVID-19, I said yes instantly because I knew I would marry him anytime, anywhere, any place - but HOW was the question? Enter: Venue 308. The istilldo team at Venue 308, their partners and the venue itself - is not a Plan B or a conciliatory prize - rather, it might be exactly what you wanted and, in times of adversity when you feel you have no control, this could be your way of gaining that very control you need over your lives, your love. Beyond the wedding certificate, that’s what we got; the ability to take back this moment in our lives. Venue 308 and the team will be forever written into our story to remind us; where there is a will, there is a way, and that the fairy tales were true.

Wedding at Venue 308 Calgary

istilldo Venue 308 Wedding

istilldo Venue 308 Wedding


istilldo 308

Access to the beautiful space
Wedding Arch and Chairs
Prosecco for the couple
Bridal Bouquet and boutonnière
Live Stream
Get dressed in the Lounges


Welcome to Venue 308

Inside the beautiful brick walls see your vision come to life in our curated space. With sunlight dappled walls, original brick pillars, art deco styling, Venue 308 is a perfect canvas for any possibility.


Videography add-on

Livestream is included in our package but we also offer videography for your event at a reduced price. This includes a highlight of your ceremony and formals


Additional formals in the woods

For more formals outside. This can be after the ceremony or have a first look in the woods.


Some images from the Venue

istilldo team

Urban officiant wedding ceremony


Our vision is simple - we craft awesome wedding ceremonies that best reflect who you are as a couple. 

Tkshotz Photography


Our goal is to make every client feel celebrated through light, connection and story since 2007

Black Earth floral


Both myself and my team posess a genuine passion for all things floral which is reflected through the modern, romantic and classic styles 


Instant access for your loved ones

No ads, no apps, no login, no interruptions, Your virtual guests don’t need to download our app or create an account. One click on the private link and they have instant access to your live wedding wherever they are


Choose who you share your big moment with

Unlike social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you can choose exactly who sees your Live Stream by sending them a simple private link via text, email. We get it, not everyone is tech-savvy. Your virtual guests don’t need to download our app or create an account, one click on the private link and they have instant access to your live wedding. Friends and family can watch on their phone, tablet or computer, wherever they are in the world. Playback of the video will also be available via private link that you shared with your guests for one-year after the event. The streamed video will be replaced with the 1080p version for yours to keep via download

Venue 308 is a place to feel inspired by the original character of the building and ahead-of-trend design. Situated in the 1910 historic Louise Block


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